This page features some of the many projects MummeTech has completed, this portfolio is far from comprehensive. Melanie takes on new clients daily, many of whom require website customization, website upgrades and emergency website help. MummeTech takes on small and large projects, and so many are not displayed here. For more in depth project qualifications, feel free to schedule a live virtual meeting or discuss further via email, contact Melanie Here

Long Term Clients

“I get requests from new clients every day! Most clients that hire me end up in a long term business relationship with me, here are a few of my long term clients”:

Renovation Design Group
Freshly Picked
Club Mudd
Culmone Percussion
Cecelia New York
Cozy Earth
Dog Friendly Agent
Flying Paws
Owlet Baby
Atria Media Group
Ashley’s Fresh Fix
The Stair Barrier
Laurie Marsden

  • Websites

Renovation Design Group— 
Their site was more than 10 years old, it was not responsive and issues with not being updated in so long were taking a toll. Traffic was declining and hackers were breaking their contact form regularly. I completed a full website build from a custom design for Renovation Design Group.  Using the WordPress CMS I built the new website which incorporated a responsive design, as well as custom functions to suit the owners needs. Custom coding was implemented for the entire design as well as for certain functions and a custom form. SEO was very important on this project and we were moving from .asp to .php code, so this was a huge change, but we were able to preserve the traffic and rankings and ended up with no loss in traffic or ranking. We continue to work together to increase traffic and rankings to get this fabulous company back on top of search results.
SmartBeat —  
Developed a full re-design with loads of custom code for this client on the Shopify platform. Added new custom coded template sections to make changing content easier for employees.
Club Mudd — 
Their website was old and clunky, it did not showcase their beautiful products, or provide a way for people to register for classes and workshops. I designed and developed the new, custom website for Club Mudd on the WordPress platform.
Buckaroogirl — 
This singer / songwriter needed a website that would showcase her talent and offer up her music and products to fans. I Designed and Developed a fresh new new e-commerce website on the WordPress platform for her.
First Education Federal Credit Union— 
Completed a full website build for First Education Federal Credit Union.  Using the WordPress CMS I built a new website which incorporated a responsive design, as well as functions to suit the owners needs. Custom coding was implemented for certain functions and custom forms for clients were built as well.
Culmone Percussion — 
Completed a full website design and build for Culmone Percussion using the WordPress CMS. Achieved responsive design as well as custom functions to suit the owners needs.  A custom storefront was built to accommodate live event ticket sales when the client has local events.  Custom forms for prospective students were built as well.
iOmounts —  
Developed a full re-design with a completely custom coded home page for this client on the Shopify platform.
High Country Crossfit —  
The new owners of High Country Crossfit are existing clients that keep coming back because they know Melanie is talented and dependable. They wanted their new venture to have a fresh new website built on the WordPress platform. Melanie took some basic mockups from the owners and fully designed and built the new site.
Ashley’s Fresh Fix —  
Built a new WordPress site for this client, and got her off the horrible squarespace platform. They were restricting what she could do to her own website, not to mention nickle and diming for everything! We transferred and preserved all blog posts and rankings, implemented a new e-commerce storefront, custom coded redirects so that she could have the seo glory and not squarespace, and implemented a fresh and responsive design.
Pajama Factory —  
Delivered a brand new site, custom coded from a mockup, on the Shopify platform. Essential functions were custom coded as well, such as the newsletter popup.
Virtual WordPress Training — 
Virtual WordPress Training was a new site that I custom designed and built. It was built on the WordPress platform and included lots of customization for online class registration functions.
Flying Paws — 
Updated the design including adding responsiveness, Added a wholesale area, Improved the retail area. The old product page was confusing and not well designed, customers were not sure if they were purchasing the correct product.
The Stair Barrier— 
Custom coded the new design for this company on the Shopify platform. Custom coded various functions and added new development features as well.
Owlet – Baby Monitor — 
Lead developer for Owlet. Custom coded various functions, completed site maintenance and development updates across multiple platforms.
Springville Historic Website — 
Developed a new website for the Historic Springville Landmarks Commission. The old website was non functional, non responsive and overall unusable. The new site was custom built on the WordPress cms to showcase historic photos, provide citizens with needed documents and contacts and accommodate custom gis maps.
Springville City (Utah) — 
Lead Developer working closely with the City Website Admin to achieve lots of custom development projects and upgrades on the WordPress CMS. Also custom building the Historic Springville site.
I did a complete overhaul on their member system. The previous system was breaking down and not usable by the admin or the end user.  Used WordPress CMS with custom coding to meet all requests for this client.
Your Dog Friendly Agent —  
Built a new WordPress website with a custom design for this client.
Vape Mentors — 
I completed a complete theme transition for VapeMentors, we updated the theme, including loads of custom coding to the clients specifications
The Divot — 
The owners needed some custom coding and new email template designs. I also completed custom access restrictions and 3rd party application integration.
GaitSmart —  
Created a completely custom theme for GaitSmart and built the new site with lots of custom code to fit the needs of the company.
Five Cent Shine — 
Lots of Custom coding on the WordPress CMS for Five Cent Shine. Initial WordPress installation and configuration. Created custom home page custom templates, custom member functions,
3 Classy Crafters — 
Ecommerce website built by myself using Joomla CMS.  Custom code was integrated throughout to meet the owner’s needs.  
Telosa Software — 
I was part of a multi-person team that created the new Telosa website.  It was built with Concrete 5 CMS.  I was responsible for custom coding the home page, as well as all 13 user forms and their respective pages.  I took lead on all site testing and repair prior to launch as well.
A Glass Hole — 
Custom design and custom build, this website is coming soon!!
Dog Friendly Rental —  
Tons and tons of WordPress customization for this client coming soon!! Custom coded forms, search results, member listings, blog, home page design and back end.

  • Flash Projects

I have completed many custom Flash projects, including:

-An advertisement for a VOIP company, featuring a superhero that knocks out his competition, the ad was done in 4 sizes to meet the clients needs.
-A custom website introduction page for Jex Photography.  The owner wanted an old film projector feel to her introduction, and was beyond pleased with the results.
-A custom Interactive Flash Application for Intuity Medical.  The application was made for large touch screens which were displayed at a trade show for customers to be able to interact with.  The application had multiple screens and functions on each screen.  Much of the project was custom coded using AS3.